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I’m a social media professional who is currently running all social platforms for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in St. Johns County, Florida. Along with doing their social media, I’m also managing their website, helping out with video production, am an agency photographer, an amateur graphic designer, article writer, and basic Jane of all trades. I’m a member of the three-person Media Relations team and am on call 24/7.

Professionally, I’m the one you are going to turn to if you have any kind of question about social media or media in general. I have 12 years of broadcast news experience, from editing to writing. I’ve always been behind the camera. I’ve been event planning for many years both personally and professionally, so planning events comes naturally. Brainstorming ideas for social media, marketing, and advertising campaigns, big events, and big projects are a welcome challenge. I bring to the table a fresh look at how to include social media in all events. I’m always eager to find new and exciting ways to expand my skills and knowledge as well as to participate in different events that could be seen as an ‘adventure.’

Personally, I’m a hippie chic with a rocker girl vibe, speak sarcasm and music lyrics fluently, enjoys working out and running, and writes fiction and poetry to escape reality. I try to embrace reality while celebrating my imagination as often as possible, and I like to listen to music really, really loudly. I also don’t shy away from stating my opinion and having an open debate, so long as both parties are able to keep it civil. (That means being nice, dammit!)

I suffer from migraines and from depression. I’m a huge advocate for depression and suicide awareness and am a member of TWLOHA Blue. I can’t sing but I like to try. I play video games on our PlayStation 4, and I love first-person shooting games now that I have a better understanding of how to do it. I love to color in adult coloring books and go through colored pencils way too fast. I’m a photo junkie who is obsessed with selfies, and I make my husband take them with me as often as possible. I am also obsessed with owls, tattoos, piercings, and all things nerdy. Yes, I read fanfiction. No, I’m not embarrassed to admit that. I live on Spotify, Instagram, a good cup of coffee or some really delicious hot tea, fine point RSVP pens that I can now only get on Amazon Prime, spiral notebooks, journals and my iPhone 7.


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