Life is a Grand Adventure

With a new year comes a chance to start anew and who isn’t excited for a chance to start all over again?

And it seems that now is the time for me to start everything over again. My marriage, my fitness, my friends, and my work… my focus has taken on a different hue in order to make sure there is time for my latest and greatest adventure. Graduate School.

What started out being an inquiry about graduate school ended up being an application, then a application process, then acceptance. Now, I’m a student at the Brian Lamb School of Communications through Purdue University. I’m doing an online masters program and it’s going to be a crazy 20 months, but it will be worth it when I can accept my degree and stand proudly.

Education has always been something I’ve believed in. Asking questions, being curious, wanting to learn and continue to learn is something that you should take pride in. Far too many people don’t take advantage of what’s out there and think they are an expert in fill in the blank here. I find those who ask questions are far more intelligent than those who don’t. And why shouldn’t we want to achieve the best education we can get our hands on?

I digress.

With the new adventure of graduate school added to the plate, my time has become quite important to me. I will need to adhere to a very strict schedule during the work week in order to get my workout in, my work done, my school work done, and still have time to be with Brian at one point in the evening. Then, on the weekends, I plan on spending a good chunk of the daytime on Saturday working on whatever assignment is needed from me. It will be a struggle, but it’s only for 20 months and I know I can make it work.

With a new year comes a chance to start anew. I’m still the same woman I was before, embracing herself as best she can. Now I’m just making the packaging a little bit shinier. I have many goals and plans for 2017, including graduate school, and can only hope to see you along for the ride.

Thanks for sticking it out with me. It’ll be a grand adventure.


About jljohnson

Just a city girl, living in a screwed up world... Oh, wait. That's me screwing up song lyrics again.
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One Response to Life is a Grand Adventure

  1. Sol Cortez says:

    You’ll kick butt like you always do. Super proud of you. 🙂

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